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www.viralhelp.online is a free advice to citizens to help them better navigate through difficult times.

We provide you with ideas and letters that you may use to change your obligations position towards your landlord, private or professional, your property loan bank, your subscriptions etc.

Once you fill in the form, our service will automatically generate for you a letter that you may send to your respective counterpart thereby initiating a temporary re-negotiation.

The reaction of your counterpart is not guaranteed, but a wise one should not object it.

At this time the courts will not handle any lease terminations, nor will they do expulsions.

If you ask for a temporary decrease then it should all be fine.

At any rate, if you wish to re-negotiate any contract, the first step is to talk about it with your counterpart. If he/she agrees, you should either sign a separate amendment to the contract, or at least have his/her written accord by post or email.

With regards to subscriptions, in times of uncertainty, for your personal budget sake it is wise to cut on all possible spending, like sport clubs or excessive phone subscriptions, etc. You may need to first freeze or stop (temporarily) the execution of any kind of direct debit/domiciliation and inform, whenever possible, your counterpart of your decision, stating the force majeure and that you are doing this temporarily. You will have to re-negotiate it again when services become again available.

We believe that it is better to negotiate before you have paid, rather than after. Generally, the fact of making a payment may testify your agreement with the invoice and with the services under it.

With regards to the negotiations on temporary suspension of your payments to the bank on your property loan, you first need to ask for it contacting your branch or your manager.

In Belgium, since 27/03/20 this agreement may be reached between you and your bank subject to a few conditions, namely, not being late with your monthly payments and being a victim of the events around the virus and the confinement, which you may need to demonstrate to the bank.

With regards to the Help for Entrepreneurs, you may need to contact your Social Caisse- Caisse Sociale, i.e. a body to which you pay your quarterly dues. In Belgium, you have in theory a right for the replacing income (Droit de Passerelle) and you may also ask for temporary decrease, temporary dispense or postponement of your social payments. To do so you need to fill in the questionnaires that are attached in the respective section.

We cannot be held liable for the decisions of your counterparts. PLEASE NOTE that you use the forms and any service on this website at your own risk. We refuse any responsibility in case of disputes or any other outcome that you do not accept. Your usage of our service signifies your acceptance of these conditions

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