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Zestylawyer launches a free online service to help people overcome their daily issues during the coronavirus crisis.

Viral Help generates a letter by using your responses to a few questions that can be used to re-negotiate terms.

Luxembourg, April 10, 2020:

This innovative, non-profit platform aims to ease the access to the legal relations between different players, like landlord and tenant, shop and a buyer, passenger and airline, or government and a citizen, that could be adversely affected in the current crisis conditions. It can be accessed from

The person concerned must access the website, select the country, the language and the problem the user is facing. The system will automatically analyze the responses and generate, within 1 hour and completely free of charge, a letter that the affected person can send to his or her counterpart to re-negotiate their deals or contracts.

“It is an eventuality that people will find themselves with much less income in the coming days. Some will get poorer as their obligations continue to drain their pockets” – claims Dr Alex Bogdanov, founder and CEO of the startup. “I hope most people take proactive measures in order to get out of this difficult situation. We want to help them.” – points out.

The coronavirus crisis has violently affected many families and small professionals in Europe and, often, these difficulties are aggravated by problems with unaffordable contracts or deals. Having a free service available 24 hours a day will help thousands of people who are victims of the situation to
overcome these harsh conditions.

“Our website is simplified to make the free service we offer as accessible as possible. We have created a user-friendly interface that allows the interested user to quickly identify the corresponding section, according to its particular situation” – states Dr Bogdanov.

Viral Help has been carefully designed by professionals specialized in solving this kind of problems to make online useful tools available to the general public. In addition to the automatic conflict response system, the website offers many tips and advice to be prepared for a adversity, like managing subscription relations. It is especially targeted at users from France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Ireland, Malta and Cyprus with Germany coming soon.

About the project
Zestylawyer is a startup whose objective is to help people, governments and companies to ease tensions and to solve problems between each other by serving as e-advisor and campaigner. A service where anyone can get practical legal help online whose projects are backed by the University of Luxembourg Incubator

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